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Managing data on the cloud Martes 1 de Febrero, 18h

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Managing data on the cloud Martes 1 de Febrero, 18h

Mensaje  July (Admin) el Lun Ene 31, 2011 5:02 am

Os informamos del siguiente seminario en el contexto de la asignatura "Gestión de la Información" del Master en Ingeniería de Sistemas de Información,

Título: Managing data on the cloud
* Ponente: Dra. Genoveva Vargas-Solar
* Fecha y lugar: Martes 1 de Febrero, 18h. - Aula 007 (Aulario III)
* Lugar: Aula 007 - Aulario III

Cloud provides a reliable and secure infrastructure for hosting applications and data that can be used for implementing information technology solutions. A cloud virtually offers ilimitted computing and storage capacities transparently managed through services: space management, computing, scalability, services management. It is a middleware that enables evolutive access to on line services. Applications and data are not hosted in a local computer but on distant servers interconnected through an excellent bandwidth. Access to a cloud can be done through a classic application for instance a Web browser. The possibility of accessing a computing system with illimited storage and computing capacities introduces important changes in the way information systems are designed, architectured and managed. It imposes developers to analyze security, privacy, and information and systems’ functions control.

Data management challenges are in the centre of the cloud and it seems that enabling the construction of cloud aware systems can be done by reliably mashing up data management and business services. Resulting mashups develop virtual data managers adapted to execution conditions and application requirements. Getting to services mashups in the cloud opens interesting research and technical challenges that will be discussed in this talk.


Genoveva VARGAS-SOLAR is senior researcher of the French Council of Scientific Research (CNRS). She is deputy-director the Franco-Mexican Laboratory of Informatics and Automatic Control (LAFMIA, UMI 3175). She is member of the HADAS group of the Informatics Laboratory of Grenoble, France. She is invited research fellow of the Data and Knowledge Management Group of the Research Centre of Information and Automation Technologies at Universidad de las Américas Puebla. She was elected president of the Mexican Society of Computer Science (2007-2009). She is senior member of the scientific council of the Mexican Network on Information and Communication Technologies which is a national program of the Mexican Council of Science and Technology.

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