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27 de abril "Model Driven Engineering for the real world"

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27 de abril "Model Driven Engineering for the real world"

Mensaje  July (Admin) el Mar Abr 24, 2012 11:45 pm

Seminario válido para reconocimiento 0,1 créditos ECTS

Lugar y Hora: Sala 203 del Laboratorio I para el día 27 de abril, de
15:00 a 17:00 horas

Titulo: "Model Driven Engineering for the real world"
Abstract: This seminar reports on the experience and on the lessons learnt in the Web Modeling Language and WebRatio Group, who built over ten years an initiative supported by a mix of academic and industrial researchers and developers aimed to the deployment of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) tools and services in real world contexts. The WebML-WebRatio approach to MDE is based on the transformation of models expressed in a Domain Specific Language into running applications, with the unique feature of creating not only the back-end data and business logic, but also the Web/RIA front-end, without posing any limitation on the graphical and interaction quality of the user interface. WebRatio has been applied in thousands of projects, some of which have delivered large-scale enterprise applications, generated and maintained completely with an MDE approach over the years. The seminar discusses the most important factors in the design of a Domain Specific Language and of its companion development tools and highlights the main factors that motivate acceptance or rejection of MDE in the industry.

July (Admin)

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